CKD has an exceptional track record of successful purchases of Farms and Estates, Houses and Sporting Properties, ranging in value from £800,000 to £42 million.

We search for the right property, advise and act for you through all stages of your purchase. CKD’s senior team will work with you directly, using all their skills and experience, to provide a bespoke service. We are focused on our clients’ best interests at all times, unimpeded by corporate considerations.

We offer property purchasers

  • Independent advice and negotiating skills, based on many years of experience, together with a wealth of trusted knowledge about the markets we cover. Because we are independent and act for one side of a transaction only, we can avoid the otherwise inevitable conflict of interests.
  • Access to desirable and substantial properties, both on the public market and privately, through our network of contacts. Where appropriate, we will approach potential sellers directly and discreetly on your behalf. This also keeps transactions away from the glare of publicity, which may be important to some buyers, and indeed, sellers.
  • A single point of contact with a CKD director. Our Directors work in close contact with you, without delegation to junior staff, and this enables us to make quick, flexible and positive responses to your individual needs. Your contact is with an individual, not with a brand!


CKD are the experts in this specialist market which covers:

  • Sporting estates in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Grouse moors and upland estates, large or small.
  • Salmon, sea trout and trout fishing.
  • Low ground shooting estates and property.

Buying a Sporting Property is often a lifestyle purchase, so it is important to buy the right thing; but even more important to buy something at the right time. At CKD we often say to clients that there is no point in searching for a grouse moor and taking 10 years to find one – you may have missed the best years of your life! - Jonathon Kennedy



CKD has long experience in this specialist area, from small amenity farms to large agricultural estates.

Clients have said that CKD always seems to have ‘advance information about the market’. While we do not claim to have a crystal ball, experience of the ups and downs over a 30-year timespan has given us an intuitive feel for prices and movements in this ever-changing market. - Andrew Macpherson



CKD are experts in acting for buyers of Houses: historically we have transacted a wide range of properties, from cottages, country houses and townhouses to stately mansions. We are experts in finding your perfect property, often in a competitive market, and placing you in the best possible position to acquire it.

We listen carefully to understand your personal circumstances so that we can protect your interests. This ensures that our negotiations for your purchase are well informed, creative and tactical, to achieve the best deal and the right result. - Frank Speir



CKD acts for clients when opportunities arise to acquire land or buildings with potential to improve their value. These opportunities can vary from large transactions to more modest, tactical situations.

We have been involved with a number of purchases of estates, houses and schools with a view to re-sale on a more advantageous basis.

Our Directors will also find and negotiate options for clients. For example, the acquisition of options to neighbouring land and/or property prior to the purchase of a principal house, thereby capitalising on the latent marriage value.



We advise and act for you through all stages of your purchase
This includes an initial in-depth consultation to understand your needs; preparing detailed reports; viewing short-listed properties with you; carrying out the relevant due diligence to be able to analyse price; negotiating  on your behalf and working through any legal matters prior to exchange and eventual completion. Our advice covers the full range of situations from the straightforward transaction to the most complex, where we can also use the added expertise of our specialist advisors, when required.