Andrew Macpherson, one of the Founding Directors of CKD, has had more experience than most at the high end of the Agricultural and Estate market. He has worked through the highs and the troughs of the market in the last 35 years and this brings valuable perspective to his advice.

He is renowned for his lateral thinking to achieve a goal (whatever it might be) and has the great ability to find solutions to seemingly intractable situations. He is always resolute in his advice that, to achieve the best results, full preparation is the key to being able to convert potential deals into an exchange of contracts.

Andrew is fiercely loyal to his clients and abhors the conflicts of interests that have pervaded his marketplace in recent years. He is a “master dealer” having been active in the farmland market, major residential developments, break-up positions, and the sale and purchase of country property. Andrew says, “ I like nothing more than to head up, or be part of, a professional team effort to ensure the best result for my clients”.