CKD is led by Jonathan Kennedy, Frank Speir, Charlie Evans and Dick Murphy, four of the most experienced, dynamic and forward-thinking professionals in the rural property business. The company was set up in 2000 and is recognised as a dominant force in the rural property market.   


We are independent property agents with expertise in buying and selling best-in-class, high-value Country Houses, Estates, Sporting Properties and Farms. Based in three key areas, London (easily accessible for our international clients), the Cotswolds and the North of England, we are active throughout the UK. We use our specialist skills to act as a strategic partner to our clients, putting the right deal together and seeing it through to a successful conclusion.


We listen to you

At CKD we believe it is vital to take the time to listen and to analyse every situation, each individual client and property.

We act in your best interests

We don’t rely on publicity to make deals or to create brand awareness as this may not be the right strategy for your purchase or sale. It may be more appropriate to engage with sellers or buyers via personal approach and direct contact. This is often the best way forward and fits our company ethos, which is based on individual client relationships and total discretion. In our experiences, many of our clients are understandably concerned about their personal details and confidentiality within large corporate databases.

We work directly with you

Our senior partners and directors have a one-to-one relationship with clients, providing the experience, judgment and attention to detail required to achieve the right results. In this way, we offer a more individual, thoughtful and client-focused service than other property companies in the marketplace.

We get the balance right...

We know that property transactions require a delicate balancing of professional and personal skills. Combining our knowledge of market conditions with our instincts and intuition is key to our making “the right approach, to the right people, at the right time”.

.. and we build trust and connections

Over the years, (not to say, decades!) we have built strong personal relationships and acquired a great deal of local, professional and business intelligence. This provides us with an invaluable network: a crucial asset in a market where a surprisingly high percentage of properties are bought and sold privately.

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You can contact any member of our team at any time, please click here for more details.

Automatically promoting a property on the open market may not always be the best strategy. We scrutinise and judge each property individually. We are often most successful when we ensure, privately and discreetly, that the right people know about a property outside the normal public domain. - Jonathan Kennedy


Jonathan Kennedy and Andrew Macpherson formed CKD Kennedy Macpherson in 1999. They have a considerable track record in buying and selling premium rural properties and a highly respected and trusted knowledge of grouse moors and country estates. Frank Speir, who joined in October 2016, has most recently worked for Prime Purchase, Savills, where he built his reputation in the country house market in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and beyond. Dick Murphy, with his intimate knowledge of the UK’s upland Sporting Estates has been a Director of the company since its inception in 1999 and is based in our North of England offices. Charlie joined CKD in 2019, having worked at Strutt & Parker for 16 years. Charlie was a Director in their Estates and Farm Agency team in London and South of England.